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Flip top or Hinged lid gift boxes are made with a base, but the lid is attached on the bottom of the base, to create a fixed lid, that can be lifted up on one side on top.  the base inner size is standard, but the lid is made to be approximately 5 mm wider on each side to create a “book” cover illusion.

A typical flip to gift box lid flap is typically fastened to the base with a built in ribbon closure option, but we also have a magnetic closure option. This box takes up to 20% longer to make than the regular base and detachable lid box.  This is a very high-end look and most popular with elaborate product displays like bespoke invitations, or extravagant gifts.

Choose your box colour and texture from our range of box coverings

Curious Metallic Wibalin  | Fancy Embossed

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