Gift Boxes | Base and Detachable Lid

A base and detachable lid is the most popular and cost-effective option when choosing your gift boxes. This gift box consists of a base, with a lid (with a lid lip) that fits over the top of the base to close it.

Even though this is the simplest style of a box we manufacture, with special additional design elements this gift box can still be unique to your brand:

firstly all gift boxes are lined on the inside with a matt coloured paper of your choice. The lid (or lid lip) can be made deeper to give the box a more high-end look. Lastly there are the branding options, that include printing, silk screening, ribbon (branded or plain) decorations, tags or Vinyl cutout letters.

Please note: Some branding options have minimum order quantities, but call us, we can offer solutions to your branding requirements!

Choose your box colour and texture from our range of box coverings


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