Matt Rope Handle Gift Bags (Plain Colours)

matt gift bag rope handleBay White, Black and Craft (colours limited to specific sizes). Gift Bags with matching rope handles in the following sizes:

A6 100 x 60 x 140 (white only)
A5 150 x 85 x 210 (white / Craft / Black)
A4 230 x 100 x 330 (White / Craft / Black)
A3 300 x 120 x 400 (White / Craft)
Giant 450 x 450 x 165 (White / Craft)
Wine 115 x 90 x 370 (White / Craft)

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Gloss Laminated Rope Handle Gift Bags (Plain Colours)

glossy gift bags rope handleGloss laminated gift bags with matching rope handles and small gift tag –  available in many amazingly bright colour and in the following sizes:

Medium 220 (H) x 180 (W)  x 100(G) mm
Large 260 (H) x 320 (W) x12.5 (G) mm
Jumbo 330 (H) x 450 (W) x100 (G) mm
Wine Bag 360 (H) x 130 (W) x 8.5 (G) mm

Please check with us the colours available for the specific sizes

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Glossy Gift Bag Colour Options


glossy gift bag red

Glossy Gift Bag RED

glossy gift bag dark blue

Glossy Gift Bags Dark Blue

glossy gift bag gold

Glossy Gift Bag Gold

glossy gift bag cerise pink

Glossy Gift Bag Cerise Pink

Glossy Gift Bag Silver

glossy gift bag white

Glossy Gift Bags White

glossy gift bag apple green

Glossy Gift Bag Apple Green

Glossy Gift Bag Black

glossy gift bag purple

Glossy Gift Bag Purple

glossy gift bag orange

Glossy Gift Bags Orange