Metallic Hot Foil Stamp Brandingsilver foiled gift box

We are able to brand with a hot stamp foil process on the box lids, and around the base (limited) in a variety of sizes and foil colours.  

Colours available range from black, silver, gold, rose gold, red, blue, green, white and even pink.

Hot press foil stamping should not be confused with embossing or debossing (patterns pressed onto the box) The Hot stamp process is done on the paper before the box is covered with the paper.  For this reason we cannot do de- or embossing.  Our box making process uses a wet, cold glue, and this interferes with the effect of the embossing or debossing process. The only alternative is to foil a metallic foil on top of a matching colour matt paper.

When you order a foiled box, we have to make a special foiling block (that will be returned to you once the job is completed).  This block is heated up, and then used to press the foil film onto the box paper.

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foil branded gift boxes

foil branding silver on black gift box
matt black gift boxes with gold branding
silver foiled gift box
gift box gold foil
rose quartz gift box gold foil