How to measure your gift box

Whatever it is you want to fit into your gift box, before calling us you need to know what size the gift box you will need is.  Here is some quick tips for measuring your required gift box size.

Firstly, measure your product/s (if multiple products go in one box, pack them on the table and use a ruler to measure the total volume.  Take extra care to include the highest item, as well as the longest item.

Then – when requesting a quote please give us these sizes (all of them) in millimeters (mm):

The longest side of the gift box will be the length ;
The shortest side of the gift box will be the width ;
Then the final size is measuring the height of your box (top to bottom).

These measurements will make up the inside dimensions of your gift box.

Please note:  We cannot guestimate or measure items on your behalf, please approve your exact size before giving the go ahead for manufacturing!
measuring a gift box